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MONSTERBASS Hollow Body Shad

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Monster Bass Hollow Body Shad 

This soft swimbait is 100% about catching monster bass. Many of them, in fact. The fish are just going to have to accept that the

Monster Bass Hollow Body Shad not only looks and acts like the real thing, but feels like it too. When the strike comes, this lure's natural-feeling super-soft plastic body collapses like a living thing; the attacker continues to hold while you haul back and set the hook with authority. The

Monster Bass Hollow Body Shad is carefully weighted and sits in the water at a perfect 30° angle, so you can walk-the-dog with ease. And because the internal lead weight is molded directly to the hook shank, it never shifts, allowing for precise movement on the retrieve. Super-durable no-leak body design eliminates the need to squeeze out water, so you can fire off cast after cast and catch many lunkers on 1 lure.

  • Soft swimbait targets huge bass
  • Looks, acts, and feels like the real thing
  • Super-soft collapsible plastic body
  • Natural feel makes fish hold on, for positive hooksets
  • Carefully weighted to maintain a 30° angle
  • Great for walk-the-dog retrieves
  • Lead weight is permanently molded to the hook
  • Super-durable no-leak body design